Art-science practitioner and researcher

Selected works:
  1. Drawings
  2. Paintings
  3. Textiles
  4. Ceramics
  5. Prints
  6. Workshops

“Recorporealising MRI Data” PhD artwork:
  1. MRI: physics and data
  2. Phantoms
  3. Art object as scientific device
  4. Weaving patterns
  5. Yarn wrappings // lab maps 
  6. Body-loom assemblage
  7. Woven-work
  8. Research maps
  9. Painted cartographies

Workshops, exhibitions & public engagement:
  1. Membranes
  2. Public engagement of science /Art-Science Workshops
  3. Synthetic Biology workshops
  4. The Clearing: A project from the future
  5. Reitir
  6. Arctic Circle Residency
  7. Jiggling Atoms
  8. Invisible Structures
  9. Books

Other work:
  1. Embroidery symbols
  2. Geology paintings
  3. The Moss Crest Project
  4. Flatland paintings
  5. The Magic Calendar
  6. Probability
  7. Dissecting Room Drawings
  8. Other ceramics
  9. Radio Club
  10. Sunk Season
  11. Epecuen (mural/installation)
  12. A Vague Inventory of Ailments and States

Biography —
  1. Dr. Jennifer Crouch is an art-science practitioner working in sculpture, textiles, drawing, installation and painting. They have a background in physics and medical illustration and experience working as an artist in scientific laboratories, on expeditions in the Arctic Circle, with communities, and as part of local and international art projects. 
  2. Jennifer has guest lectured at universities across the UK and Europe, teaches textile arts at Morley College London, is fashion lead at NewVic FE College, and is an associate lecturer on the MA in Art and Science at Central Saint Martins, London. 
  3. They have published books on popular science and anatomical art. 
  4. Jennifer is a queer slug and keen gardener interested in liminality, composting, LBGTQ culture & experiences, textiles, kink, magic and the absurdity of the cosmos.


Invisible Structures

In the summer term of 2013 Jiggling Atoms were invited to run a course with the second year BA Graphic Design and Illustration students at Camberwell College or Arts. The project, called Invisible Structures, was modelled on the 2012 Jiggling Atoms project and we ran a physics lectures series for the 150 Camberwell students to attend. Each lecture was followed by a workshop where students had to describe physical processes using illustrative methods, encouraging putting ideas into practice with the lectures fresh in their minds. We also provided a unique series of Jigging Atoms visual communication lectures exploring cultural discourses and critical enquiry into how we communicate ideas. Our subjects include; graphic narrative, the use of metaphor in science communication, systems in design, physical processes as works of art, designing measurement systems and anthropomorphises.

We briefed our students to create either an explanation or an exploration of what they had learnt about physics. Part of the learning outcomes was to put on a public exhibition in order to reach out to members of the public.
Part of public outreach is to create a strong online presence, you can explore the student-build Invisible Structures website to see what they did.

For more details on recent Jiggling Atoms projects visit my Jiggling Atoms page.